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Pidurutalagala Mountain in Sri Lanka (literally translating to Straw Plateau Rock), which is also called Mount Pedro in in English is the tallest mountain on the island and situated in the Central Province, north – north east to the town of Nuwara Eliya . It is also the only ultra prominent peak of the island, and one of only 1515 ultra prominent peaks around the world. An ultra prominent peak is a mountain that has topographic prominence (height of the peak’s summit above the lowest contour line encircling it up to the highest summit) above 1500 meters. Mount Pedro has a prominence and elevation of 2524m (8281 feet) (8292 feet according to the Survey Department).

The mountain of Pidurutalagala has a forest reserve surrounding it. The forest underwent damage five years ago in a forest fire, causing the loss of some 3 acres of forest. However, the damage is being repaired now with the assistance of nature and human intervention. The area of the mountain and forest reserve has been designated an ultra high security zone due to the summit being used to house the communications array of the Sri Lankan Government and the Armed Forces of the country.

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