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Weligama (meaning ‘Sandy Village’) is an interesting blend of lively fishing town and beach resort. The sprawling main settlement and coastal road is somewhat scruffy and not that easy on the eye, but you’ll find the sandy beach is attractive once you’re away from the main section; there’s a couple of cove beaches west of the centre. At the east end of the beach, there’s an enormous new concrete Marriott hotel, which towers over the surrounding buildings and looks completely out of place.

Attractions in Weligama


Weligama Bay Dive Center will help you discover the beautiful dive sites in and around Weligama Bay and Mirissa. You can start diving in small groups like with your family members or friends. It is ensured youll have a great fun especially while you are assisted by experienced and trained dive guides here.

Being one of the most popular Scuba Diving centers at a distance of mere 5 kilometers from Mirissa, it is a place where you can enjoy and relax for your complete rejuvenation. Friendly and trained staffs at the Weligama Bay Dive Center make your diving holiday a memorable experience.


Plan your visit to one of the most visited beaches of Weligama in Sri Lanka. You can be accompanied by any English-speaking guide to enjoy hassle-free and safe swimming and snorkeling session on the Weligama beach. Before you do so, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and hike through the lush green forests to reach the Jungle Beach. It is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling in turquoise water, thus you are sure to undergo an unforgettable experience.

On the beach, you can enjoy your precious time with family or friends. Usually, visitors enjoy the snorkeling for two hours before lunchtime. In the lunch, you are provided with the delicious and fresh local seafood. Have it and receive unlimited fun during your Sri Lankan tour.


Kushtarajagala statue is one of the popular tourist attractions of Weligama in Sri Lanka. Situated on the old main road, this statue is just 12 kilometers away from the Matara town. This statue is believed to exist from the period of 7-9th centuries.

Being one of the oldest statues of the Mahayanist Buddhism in Sri Lanka, this greater-than-life statue had been made from the solid rock. The name, Kushtarajagala has come from a king whose name was Kushta Raja. He once landed in the Weligama bay and got diagnosed with a severe skin disease and was treated by a local doctor.


Handunugoda Tea Estate is also one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. Spread over an area of 200 acres (809,371 m2) and out of which 75 acres (303,514 m2) area produce the tea, the remaining area is being used for plantation of rubber, cinnamon and coconut.

This tea garden has is its own well-equipped tea factory. It has the latest machines which have been brought from the United Kingdom. Several of the machines are believed to be over 140 years old and they still operate incessantly.


Weligama is home to many popular surfing points. Some of them are the perfect options for the beginners while the rest are preferred for the experienced surfers. Some popular beach surfing points here include Beach Break, Reef Brakes Ram’s Point, Plantation Point, and Two Secret Point.

If you are a beginner, you must get surfing lessons from the professionals first. You can plan your surfing tourism with family and friends. After surfing, indulge yourself in tasting some seafood in some of the finest restaurants and eateries located in various parts of the Weligama city.

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